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In an effort to reduce the inventory that we have on hand, we are offering "mystery bundles".  Choose from an elementary school or a generic Bulldog theme and we will "bundle up" various items just for you!  The value of each bundle will be at least 50% more than the sale price, so this is a great deal!!  Perfect for any member of your family!
Use promo code "CORONA" to get free shipping on any order over $50 (before tax).
We will choose from colors that work well with the designs from your selected "theme".  Most colors will be neutral although there could be colors chosen (red for Spencer, blue for Hawkins, green for Hutchings, etc).  There is a section in the product selection to make any specific requests of things to avoid or to try and include.  We will do our best to accommodate requests, but cannot guarantee as this promotion is completely based on available inventory.